New Renewable Energy Products Announced

Quality Electric Supply Inc. has signed a distribution agreement with JLM Energy Inc., Rocklin, California to supply two new energy-efficient and renewable energy products throughout the USVI, BVI, St Kitts, Nevis and Anguilla.

Zefr ™ Wind Turbines with Wind Array Turbine System (WATS) Technology: Small 36” wind turbines with WATS circuitry are installed in series to collectively harness the power of the wind by routing the power of 20 turbines into a single smart inverter. The power created flows through the same tethered cable harness without disrupting the power generation of neighboring turbines. The power is then converted into common AC electricity by the 3.6kW smart inverter that seamlessly generates the maximum amount of power.


A typical system of 20 turbines produces around 4,000 kWs of electrical energy per year or $1,880 at the current commercial power rate of $.47 kW.

The small size of the Zefr and easy mounting make it feasible to install multiple units on a roof-line, parapet, or other structural surfaces. It is easy to scale up energy production by adding more turbines later. Issues of wind speed and direction are controlled by the WATS circuitry and allow the turbines to cut in at 3.5 MPH.

Gyezr ™ Commercial Grade Solar Thermal Collectors with Micro-Controlled Array Thermal System (MATS) Technology: The first solar thermal collector with commercial requirements of reliability, scalability and flexibility generates hot water directly from the sun. The temperature of each channel is self-powered using energy harvesting technology.  The micro-controller wirelessly communicates real-time data about system performance to an internet based system. If over or under temperatures are sensed, the computer actuated drain-back system will automatically initiate steps to protect itself.

The light-weight, low profile and innovative solar hot water heating system is easy to install. MATS technology makes the Gyezr ™installation completely wireless, which gives the system the ability to handle complex commercial projects. Providing up to four times the efficiency of standard PV per square foot the product has a 30-year life expectancy.


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